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Welcome to the Official Web Presence of BOOMSTICK FILMS!
Boomstick Films is the storytelling playground of independent filmmaker John Wesley Norton. He works with a talented group of artists to bring Boomstick's cinematic tales to the screen, both big and small. Boomstick is based in Chicagoland, but utilizes West Coast as well as Midwest talent.
John is an experienced writer, director, cinematographer and editor. He collaborates with several talented producers. To date he has produced 9 feature films and 5 short films that have won multiple film festival awards.
Moving forward, Boomstick Films has a full slate of films ready to go before the camera in 2014. As John says, "It's film MAKING, not film TALKING."
JOHN WESLEY NORTON was recently granted permission to adapt one of his favorite short stories for the screen. The story is titled ALL THAT YOU LOVE WILL BE CARRIED AWAY, and was written by one of John's personal heroes, STEPHEN KING. The short film will be shot in the Winter of 2014/15 and Boomstick Films is seeking your help to make this film a reality. To learn more about how you can jump on the bus with us, please visit the short film's OFFICIAL PAGE!

Thanks to everyone at the....

...for including our film in this year's programming, and also nominating John Wesley Norton in the "Best Writing" category.  It's always a blast hanging out with a contingent of the Chicago Filmmaking scene at these fests. Here is a trailer for the film cut by Co-Producer B.A. Lewandowski.

FANGS VS. SPURS, a new feature film coming from 4Lizard Productions, Boomstick Films, and Faith Innertainment Group! Production is underway, but we still need your help! Please watch the promo video, then consider donating to the cause!

Go to: www.fangsvsspursmovie.com to learn how!

Coming soon...
Boomstick Films likes to experiment, so when John Wesley Norton had the idea for DRIFTED, a dark, gritty, crime drama, he wanted the film to feel raw and edgy. He wanted a black and white, 16mm film look so he turned to Apple's iPhone. "After our tests, it just made sense to us. We shot on 3 separate iPhone 4s cameras and one iPhone 5. The iPhone sensor is full HD, the image is sharp and clean, and the lens is equivalent to a wide angle 18mm, which again served this film very well. "
DRIFTED is in post production now and we are looking to screen this film sometime in March/April of 2014.  For more information, please visit the film's website by CLICKING HERE, where you will find our second teaser trailer, behind the scenes clips and more!

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